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Personal Stories

About three weeks after my mastectomy surgery when the last of the supportive troops of friends, pouring through the front door bringing baskets of baking, armfuls of flowers, cards with hopeful messages and boxes of freezer meals turned to a trickle it signalled time for a ...
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I have always been an animal lover and for some reason dogs have always been my ’true love’. Dogs embrace everything I love about animals – beauty, loyalty and never-ending devotion and love. In my life, so far, I have had three wonderful dogs but my most special compa...
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You’d never know that many of us at the chemotherapy unit are bald as. Scarves, beanies, hats, and wigs hide the peachy fuzz on our heads. There is a good reason for this: it’s cold with a bald head. But I suspect there’s more to our cover-up.  Without even knowin...
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I thought I heard your voice speak But my mind was somewhere else You called me by my first name But I felt like someone else The only thing I knew for sure Was the pain I knew I had to endure The sunrise that I might not see My grandchildren sitting upon my knee My voice wa...
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