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Every donation of money or time helps us to support more people with breast cancer and their whānau.

Ways to help

Make a financial donation

Did you know?

  • A donation of just $100 will pay for one volunteer to undertake Buddy Programme training so that more people can have immediate access to 1:1 emotional and practical support.
  • A donation of just $50 will pay for one month's hire of our 0800 helpline, so we can be available to those who need support 365 days a year.
  • A donation of just $25 will pay for one month of unlimited online video calls, so we can support people no matter where they live in New Zealand.

A donation of $25 is equivalent to about five takeaway coffees a month.
Could you go without your morning pick-me-up and donate your coffee money to brighten someone else's day?

Here are some other ways you can make a financial contribution to support our mission


The value of peer support is now widely recognised as an important part of a person's recovery from breast cancer.

As a Breast Cancer Support volunteer, your time, expertise, and sharing of personal experience can help to make another person's experience a little easier.

"Many of our volunteers join us because they want to give back after recovering from their own breast cancer diagnosis - often they've received support from us themselves.
"Now they want to help others who are facing this life challenge because they know the value of being able to talk to someone who has been there too."

Jane Bissell, National Service Coordinator

Ways you can volunteer

As with most charitable organisations, we are always looking for more volunteers. In addition to volunteering for our breast cancer Buddy Programme, we also have a number of other volunteer roles.

Governing committee

Join our committee, share your knowledge and skills and help Breast Cancer Support to grow. You do not have to have personal experience of breast cancer to help in this way.

Support group coordinators

Coordinate a local support group and bring people together for connection and friendship. Support group coordinators have personal experience of breast cancer.

Volunteer visitors

Volunteer your time to visit those with breast cancer who would benefit from individual support. Volunteer visitors have personal experience of breast cancer.

Become a BCSA member

Its free!

As a member, you will receive our quarterly newsletter and notification of events by email. Your membership also enables us to operate as a registered Incorporated Society.

Every member has voting rights at the Annual General Meeting, and, as needed, can have a say in the running of the organisation at a governance level. Members can also serve on our governing committee. 

To become a member simply fill out the form opposite.

Please call us on 0800 273 222 or contact us for more information about how to support our work.

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Thanks for joining us! We'll be in touch soon