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Initial Diagnosis: Whispers of Pain

I thought I heard your voice speak

But my mind was somewhere else

You called me by my first name

But I felt like someone else

The only thing I knew for sure

Was the pain I knew I had to endure

The sunrise that I might not see

My grandchildren sitting upon my knee

My voice was tight and my screams were loud

But not a single word my lips did sound

Instead I smiled and nodded my head

And my eyes did glisten but no tears I shed

I left your room and my head did whirl

You had changed my life and my stomach was a twirl

My heart beat fast and my fists I clenched

But I smiled at my love and stroked his head

“I’ll be fine” I said as we walked to the car

I’m in good hands but inside I was scared

It’s a gift you see that’s been granted to me

Its to make me see life’s simplicities.

So the game begins and I wait in line

And I observe some faces that seem weary with time

I am brave and courageous and my attitude is fair

For I am a woman full of love, hope and flair

So onward I travel on this path full of stones

Any my feet feel blistered as I travel alone

But I know deep inside that I’ll meet someone new

And she’ll walk beside me because she’s been there too.

I’ll not let those whispers become a loud voice

I’ll not let the pain govern its own choice

I shall make a stand and walk tall with pride

For now I have many who walk by my side.

 - Simone